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Innovation, technology and design have remained at the forefront of the tornado safety gloves' core strategy since manufacturing our first pair of gloves in 2001.

Our vast level of experience in materials and safety glove manufacturing technology has resulted in a market-leading product range, propelling the TORNADO SAFETY GLOVES’ brand to the pinnacle of the European hand protection market.

Continued evaluation of futuristic yarns, materials and coatings give our customers confidence and satisfaction that their hand protection solution from TORNADO is significantly in advance of the industry norm, a philosophy that has driven the supply of TORNADO SAFETY GLOVES to multiple industrial and retail sectors in Europe and beyond.

Our UK Distribution and Logistics Centre completes the product journey from embryonic design stage to actual supply and is systematically controlled to ensure that our customers’ requirements and expectations are functionally achieved with a logistical operation symbolic of the quality and efficiency that the TORNADO brand represents.

'Customer-centred working practices ensure that our gloves are supplied efficiently and effectively as our staff have a defined focus to provide a level of technical support and service that can only be described as unrivalled.'


Tornado Safety Gloves' manufacturing techniques, systems and principles are the stimulus of the enviable reputation for quality that Tornado products represent.

State-of-the-art computerised knitting machines in combination with the latest dipping technology or hi-tech leather production ensure that every single glove produced will meet our exceptional quality standard.

Manufacturing to this level of consistent quality is a challenge in itself, but to remain competitive whilst doing so is the differential that Tornado Safety Gloves possess.

Our focus on cost is structured in a systematic manner to pursue continuous effective solutions that will travel through the supply chain to present our products to our valued customers that are of impeccable quality as well as at a competitive price point.


Quality Manufacting and Industry Gloves

Our four stage Quality Control programme establishes critical checks at every level of the manufacturing process, from yarn spinning operations through to the finished product that is eventually labelled and packed.

Analytical data pursues every QC phase ensuring full accordance with the inceptive performance levels of the product style.




Many products have been designed in conjunction with our customers under our highly successful Quest@Tornado system. This concept has driven development of customer-bespoke safety gloves, totally specific to the actual user application. This co-design initiative still remains at the forefront of our development strategy and enables significant customer input from the embryonic stage of raw material selection, throughout the entire process of prototype, re-work, evaluation and sampling, leading to a successful customer-driven final product.

'if the most technologically advanced yarns are manufactured on the most technologically advanced machines then there will only be one outcome, a product that is technically superior.'

Knitted Protective Gloves


By working in unison with our yarn supply partners, we collectively develop and blend fibre derivatives to achieve maximum strength and performance whilst ultimately maintaining dexterity and comfort upon completion of the end product.

Substantial resource is directed towards this element of the development stage as this point remains key to the final outcome. Again, quite simply, 'if the yarn is right, then the glove will be right.'

Coated Protective Gloves


Grip, being paramount to safe operative handling is the next premium factor in the design concept. By combining a material or coating with the highly technical base gloves, a multi-purpose product is borne.

Our product range features the use of specially selected and treated split leather, grain leather and goatskin, all of which are subjected to a rigorous level of quality control at tannery stage to guarantee both premium quality and consistent dimensional stability.


Polyurethane, nitrile, latex, neoprene and PVC dipped coatings all have their own characteristics and subsequent benefits to glove performance, grip and dexterity. As the protective glove market has accelerated in the direction of dipped products Tornado have lead the way.

We scientifically blend cocktails of the above compounds to create a bi-polymer which will achieve the ultimate result of entirely matching the unique dipped coating with the actual application for which the safety gloves are used.

Our Cushion Technology®, High Density Technology® & Cross-XX Technology® are all at the forefront of coating innovation and differentiate Tornado Gloves as pioneers within the industry.

Tornado are aware of the DMF — dimethylformamide health issue whilst manufacturing polyurethane coated gloves and acted well in advance of the market to produce gloves within our CPU (Clean Polyurethane) process.

New state-of-the-art aqua-based manufacturing technology eliminates residual chemicals including DMF from the glove coating, giving assurance that all Tornado products are a safe and healthy solution to all hand protection requirements.

Further innovative technology has introduced anti-bacterial agents within the glove coating to once again pursue the ultimate health and safety product.

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