Tornado Safety Work Gloves technologies


Clean Polyurethane Gloves


Clean polyurethane technology is our state-of-the-art aqua-based dipping system which eliminates any residual chemicals and solvents from the glove coating to provide a totally health-conscious glove solution to our customers.

High Density Polyurethane Gloves


High-density polyurethane technology is a unique formulation of greater viscosity which naturally forms a stronger glove coating subsequently extending the product life whilst remaining soft, comfortable and flexible.

Cushion Technology Gloves


A new concept of soft and flexible polyurethane compound which when coated onto the glove gives an exceptional level of comfort to the user whilst maintaining physical strength and abrasion resistant properties.

Antibacterial Gloves


This unique technology transmits an anti-bacterial agent to the hand during use, ensuring user health and cleanliness whilst wearing the gloves.

Cross-XX Gloves


Cross-XX is a revolutionary honeycomb coating pattern to provide impact and abrasion resistance to the back of the hand whilst maintaining hand breathability.

Oil Resistant Gloves


New double coating bi-polymer technology affords total protection from oil penetration during use in areas of high product lubrication. The second coating layer provides exceptional grip performance regardless of the level of liquidity.

Glass Industry Gloves


Multiple levels of research and development have created a leading product range within the glass industry. When the 'Glass Industry' logo is displayed, the relevant Tornado glove has been approved for use whilst handling soft-coat glass. The logo is a guarantee that zero contamination will affect the glass at a later stage.

Premium Grade Leather Gloves


All Tornado leather is a specially selected premium grade, giving our customers satisfaction that product quality will remain consistent throughout, with no deviation from our strict quality tolerances and levels.

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