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Contour Air White

18 Gauge seamless knitted nylon glove with bi-polymer coating

Code CON1AW Size 8 - 10 Cut Resistance Level
EN 388 2003
EN388:2003 2110
EN 388 2016
EN388:2016 2110X

Tornado Technologies

The Tornado Contour Air Blue is hugely popular for assembly work and as part of our continuous interaction with clients we identified the need for Contour Air White. Exactly the same spec as the original glove only manufactured with a pure white yarn and coating.

This bright white glove is designed to identify any contamination that may be present on components or within the assembly area. So if your production line requires a clean environment this glove is ideal.

The fine 18-gauge knit ensures a high level of dexterity and the bi-polymer coating provides a smooth protective surface with CPU technology for comfort during use. It is also lint-free so will not contaminate your product with any lose fibres. In summary, Contour Air White is highly dexterous, contamination free, hygienic and allows the wearer to work quickly and efficiently.

Features & Benefits

  • Fine construction for precision handling
  • Bi-polymer coating provides a ‘second skin’
  • CPU Technology ensures comfort and hand health
  • Lint free for zero contamination
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