Con1 Contour Avenger gloves keep mechanic safe during his work with a wheel

Contour Avenger

Seamless nylon glove, with bi-polymer coating.

Contour Avenger is Incredibly close-fitting on the hand, ideal for providing protection in applications where gloves would not normally be associated. It replaces the traditional latex and nitrile disposable gloves as the ultimate general-purpose glove.

Plumbers, electricians, maintenance professionals, construction final-fit, garage workshop technicians and mechanics can now perform delicate tasks with this comfortable and practical glove.

Contour Avenger delivers excellent wet and dry grip, protects the skin from abrasion and transmits an anti-bacterial agent to the hand during use.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent wet and dry grip
  • Excellent comfort and dexterity
  • Abrasion resistant

Customer Feedback

Was introduced to Contour Avengers during an event setup 4 years ago and I’ve used them ever since. It’s actually possible to wire a cat5 socket wearing them, but mainly I use them for cable pulling and fixing and just about everything! Having properly fitted gloves makes a world of difference. I carry a few boxes in the back of the van, whenever people ask about the gloves I’m wearing I hand them a pair to try and they’re always impressed.
(Thanks to David, via Facebook)

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