Oil Liquid Repellent Glove 1

Oil-Teq 1 (Lite)

Technically blended seamless glove with double layer bi-polymer coating

This glove uses Tornado’s unique double bi-polymer coating system specifically designed to prohibit oil and liquid permeation, preventing seepage onto the hand. Its super-fine construction means you can work in confined spaces with small components that require extreme dexterity. Its manufactured using a very fine gauge needle, hence creating an extremely light-weight, second skin style glove.

Oil-Teq 1 Lite is ideal for engineering, automotive manufacturing and aftermarket, assembly work and some areas of the oil and gas sector. It’s also used in construction, aerospace and warehousing / logistics where its specific properties make it preferable to other less dexterous gloves.

The oil resistant technology works alongside the highest level of abrasion resistance which is due to the technical composition of the yarn. The glove is three-quarter coated allowing the skin to breathe and the hand to remain aerated and healthy.

Features & Benefits:

  • Oil and liquid resistant
  • Maximum abrasion resistance
  • Fine construction for precision handling
  • Superior wet and dry grip
  • Excellent comfort and dexterity
  • Skin breathability

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