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Technical Gloves with Coatings

Quantum CTO

Technically blended, seamless glove, orange in colour with polyurethane coating

The yarn we use for Quantum CTO is slightly finer than its sister glove the Quantum CT. It also has a greater elasticity for more stretch and a closer fit on the hand. It can be identified very quickly due to its orange hue.

Cushion Technology makes it extremely comfortable whilst offering all the protective properties you need. The light-weight yarn and seamless construction allows you to move freely and execute extremely delicate tasks.

It’s great for factory and assembly work, electronics, engineering and recycling where dexterity and grip are of paramount importance. Cut and abrasion resistance is good so it’s great for general- purpose use in medium risk environments.

Tornado’s unique Cushion Technology gives the Quantum CTO a soft, flexible polyurethane coating providing both comfort and abrasion protection. The glove also has CPU technology to eliminate skin irritation and Anti-bacterial technology for hand hygiene.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum abrasion resistance
  • Superior dexterity
  • Cushion Technology for comfort
  • CPU technology protects skin from irritants

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