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Technically blended seamless gloves with polyurethane coating and forefinger / thumb reinforcement.

Vitra is one of the most technically advanced gloves available in the hand protection market today. A number of different Tornado Technologies are employed in the manufacturing process including Sharp Shield, our unique thumb / forefinger reinforcement.

Fully approved for use in the glass industry as it guarantees zero contamination, Vitra is also popular in other industries where high cut and abrasion resistance is paramount. Aerospace, Automotive, Engineering, Waste, Recycling, Steel and Aluminium sectors are all regular users.

Vitra’s robust construction scores extremely high for cut and abrasion resistance; ideal for overcoming serious hazards in high-risk working environments. It also has the top score for abrasion resistance and is treated with CPU Technology to prevent skin irritants and HDPu to extend product life and reduce costs. Sharp Shield is the icing on the cake, it protects the hand with integral ballistic fibres in the critical wear area between thumb / forefinger.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum abrasion resistance
  • Superior cut resistance
  • Sharp Shield ballistic thumb / forefinger reinforcement
  • CPU technology for comfort and hand health
  • HDPu Coating extends product life to reduce costs

Read our news article about Vitra.

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