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Customer Feedback

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It makes us very happy when we receive positive feedback about our gloves; we’re extremely proud of our range and the service we offer. Thanks to the great customers who’ve taken time to leave feedback, we’d like to share it with everyone…

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Olba Work Glove Customer Feedback

"Used these gloves extensively for gardening (including handling small seedlings and thorny plant cuttings), DIY (including handling rough metal) watering plants, teak oiling benches, scaling ladders, rope-climbing etc. They were very comfortable and a pleasure to wear - they ‘fitted like a glove!’

Every time I’ve used the gloves my hands came out clean and well protected once I stopped work. The rubberised coating meant that my hands stayed dry most of the time even when slopping water around. The breathable back meant my eczema did not flare up once and even if water did penetrate the breathable layer, they dried out very quickly.

I was very pleased that I was able to use them for delicate work as the finger-ends were very close-fitting and flexible and the grip was excellent. So, all in all I would definitely purchase these gloves again and recommend them to others".

(Phil, Landscape Gardener)

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Contour Avenger

Contour Avenger

"I was introduced to Contour Avengers during an event setup 4 years ago and I’ve used them ever since. It’s actually possible to wire a cat5 socket wearing them, but mainly I use them for cable pulling and fixing and just about everything! Having properly fitted gloves makes a world of difference. I carry a few boxes in the back of the van, whenever people ask about the gloves I’m wearing I hand them a pair to try and they’re always impressed".
(David, via Facebook)

"Tornado is a great product and it was my son who got me a sample to try, he is an electrician and uses Tornado all the time".
(John, via email, trialling Contour Avenger)

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Aur01 10 Hero Web

"Best glove worn to date for the user".
(Neil, Print & Extrusion Specialist)

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Olba Tyre Glove

"Great product, great service!"

(Alan, Owner / Manger, Tyre Specialist, Nottingham)

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