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Hand Protection Signage Service

Another little thing we do to make your life easier...

Many of our large industrial customers use different types of hand protection at different stages along their production line. Although they are all Tornado Gloves, it must be clear to the workforce which glove should be used at which stage of the operation.

This is achieved with clear, image-based signage provided by Tornado.

Tornado signage helps improve safety...

Tornado Gloves Signage Service 6

Our Hand Protection Signage Service is available on request where Tornado Gloves are in use. Boards come in a range of sizes and different fixing methods. We can even brand them with your logo and add a bespoke message.

If you don't already use our gloves, why not book a FREE Quest Hand Safety Evaluation. To find out more, please contact a Tornado team member.

“A great way to improve safety for your workforce...”