Tornado is proud to sponsor Safe Places...

Helping to support vulnerable people in the community

Tornado Gloves sponsors the Safe Places National Network, the organisation that unites all the Safe Place schemes around the country; creating a truly accessible nationwide network of support.

What is a safe place?

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A Safe Place is somewhere you can go if you feel scared, lost or in need of help when you’re out and about. This is very important for vulnerable people in our community who may feel overwhelmed by a situation or their surroundings.

Almost anywhere can be a ‘Safe Place’ – it can be a shop, a library, a café, a community centre, a GP surgery or any place that’s been approved as part of the scheme. There’ll be a ‘Safe Place’ sticker clearly visible in the window.

Inside you can be sure of a welcoming environment where the people have been trained how to help someone with learning disabilities, dementia or other difficulties that make them vulnerable.

Anyone in need can stay in the safe place until they feel able to continue with their day or they can call a friend or family member to come and meet them. It's very simple but it's extremely important because it gives confidence to people who may otherwise not venture out of their own home.

Simple and logical communication...

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Safe Places have recognised that some people struggle to read using just words on a page. Because of this, they use ‘easy read’ materials with symbols to help people understand written communications.

These symbols (or Pecs) illustrate objects, places and actions alongside written language. You can see this on their website and their learning resources.

It's simple and logical - here's a little example of how it works.

The National Network...

The patchwork of Safe Place Schemes across the UK are united by the Safe Places National Network who provide a one-stop-shop for all Safe Places information. They also host free special learning resources.

The network help schemes to recruit new Safe Places, help districts to launch new schemes, provide teaching material so children can learn about Safe Places in schools and colleges. They've also developed free voice activated smart phone apps to help locate the nearest Safe Place quickly and easily.

How does Tornado get involved?

As with any support service; operating a Safe Places Scheme isn’t free. Some schemes are funded by the local authority, Police & Crime Commissioner or Local Safeguarding Board but in many areas, there simply isn’t enough money to go around.

That's where the private sector can step in; businesses can sponsor their local scheme defined by local authority area.

Tornado sponsors the Safe Places scheme that operates across the Nottingham City Council area. Our sponsorship pays for the Nottingham scheme to be a member of the Safe Places National Network providing them with a fee account which features all their Safe Places details.

This account also means that all the Nottingham Safe Places are visible on the free Safe Places Apps. Plus it provides access to the Safe Places learning resources for everyone based in Nottingham who's looking to help vulnerable people be safe and keep safe.

We are really proud to be able to help vulnerable people across our community in such a positive way. It's extremely rewarding to play a part in giving them the confidence go out and about and enjoy the freedom it brings.

If you would like to do something similar in your area you can find out more on the sponsors page of the Safe Places Website.

“Safe Places is committed to stopping disability hate crime - help them by sponsoring a scheme near you”