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The Tornado Technological Gap...

It's what makes us different from other glove manufacturers...

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“Our approach to product development is simple - we place the most technically advanced materials on the most technologically advanced machines - the result is product superiority!”
Dave Bull - Founder of Tornado Gloves

Over 20 years of experience in the technical glove manufacturing industry has given us the knowledge and expertise necessary to create our premium range of hand protection solutions.

We use an extensive array of technologies that can be applied together or in isolation to produce gloves with properties suitable for specific tasks and operations across multiple industry sectors.

Research Development

Continuous product development...

We define our technologies as the individual components, applications or processes that can be applied to yarns, dips, coatings or any other element of the glove or it's construction.

These technologies have been developed over years of research, scientific experimentation and testing. We work continuously with businesses to develop hand protection for their specific needs. We explore new materials and manufacturing techniques so we can maintain our position as market leaders for hand protection.

Cpu Technology 3

CPU Technology...

Clean Polyurethane Technology is our hi-tech, water-based dipping system that reduces residual chemicals and solvents from the glove to deliver a super-comfortable end product.

PU is a vital component of many work safety gloves, it would be impossible to achieve the required level of performance without using it. Unfortunately, contaminants that originate in the PU manufacturing process can cause skin irritation so they must be reduced as much as possible. Although it is impossible to remove 100% of the contaminants, our gloves achieve levels significantly below the Occupational Exposure Limit stipulated by EN:21420.

Sharp Shield 3

Sharp Shield Technology...

Sharp Shield is a ballistic reinforcement system unique to Tornado. Positioned in the critical wear area between thumb and forefinger, it improves safety and increases the life of the glove by up to 18%, resulting in major PPE cost savings.

The reinforcement is an integral part of glove’s construction so it cannot become detached during use. The ballistic fibres used are the same as those used in bullet proof clothing which gives you an idea of the level of fortitude involved. They form a toughened ridge that's clearly visible in this picture. Often the glove is further reinforced in this area with leather or a Polyurethane coating.

Oil Resistant Technology 2

Oil Resistant Technology...

Gloves with our Oil-Resistant Technology have a unique formula bi-polymer coating.

The coating is applied in two layers; the first provides total protection from oil penetration when used in areas of high product lubrication.

The second ensures exceptional grip regardless of grease or liquidity. Wet grip is maximised with no detriment to the gloves’ oil and water repellent qualities.

The formula is designed to enable great flexibility which vastly increases dexterity and comfort. The two layers together form a protective barrier that's extremely supple so you can perform delicate operations even in extremely oily conditions.

Bacteria 2

Anti-Bacterial Technology...

Gloves with this technology are unique in the fact that they transmit an anti-bacterial agent onto the hand during use.

Tornado use a coating which is impregnated with a skin-friendly conditioner that kills germs and will last for the entire life-cycle of the glove.

This ensures greater hand health, general cleanliness and results in a reduction in the build-up of bacteria that can sometimes cause a slight odour.

Hdpu 3

HDPu Technology...

HDPu stands for 'High-Density Polyurethane'. It's a Tornado exclusive dip formulation which forms an extra-strong glove coating. It's extra strength comes from the extreme viscosity of the dip. Due to the increased density, it subsequently extends the product life whilst retaining softness, comfort and flexibility. As the glove can be used for a longer period of time, order frequency is reduced hence showing a PPE cost saving.

The density of the coating provides extra protection with a reliable and secure grip.

Glass Industry Approved...

Glass 2

We've spent time with glass manufacturers, glazing specialists and fitters, on-site and in factories around the UK. We've observed each process, experiencing different challenges and hazards and talking with the people who face them on a daily basis. With this detailed level of understanding, we were able to produce gloves that offer genuine benefits to the end user.

We carefully analysed every element or our manufacturing process, looking at the fibre in our yarns, the chemical components of our coatings, knitting and construction methods and the materials we use for reinforcement. We identified areas where specific changes could be made to improve grip, dexterity and the level of protection. We also looked at ways we could reduce the risk of contamination and in some cases, we were able to eliminate it completely.

Our work has been very rewarding as we have a loyal customer-base within the Glass Industry. Gloves that carry the 'Glass Industry Approved' logo have been approved for use whilst handling soft-coat and toughened glass. The logo is a guarantee that zero contamination will affect the glass at a later stage.

Premium Grade Leather...

Leather 2

Leather is an excellent material for use in gloves as it provides both strength and grip which are vital for safe handling.

Our leather is extremely tough, super-resistant to cut and abrasion and also offers excellent flexibility, grip and dexterity when performing precision tasks.

We use specially selected, premium grade leather from the top section of the hide only. Rigorous quality control at tannery stage guarantees a good quality skin with consistent dimensional stability. Leather taken from lower sections of the hide is often damaged or scared as this part of the animal is more vulnerable.

The leather undergoes several specialist treatments to enhance its natural strength. The end result is a material that provides both wet and dry grip of a hugely superior standard even in wet or oily conditions.

Cushion 2

Cushion Technology...

Cushion Technology, as the name suggests, provides a super-soft layer of comfort. Gloves with this technology will embrace your hand in a cosy hug...

We've developed an innovative formula of soft polyurethane that provides a protective coating with an extraordinary level of flexibility and grip.

Its physical strength offers high level abrasion resistance and dexterity is uncompromised.

This aptly named technology really does 'do what it says on the tin' - great for anyone who wears gloves all day long!

“​Our technologies differentiate our gloves from others and elevate them above their rivals - we call this the Tornado Technological gap!”
Coralie Mortimer - Tornado Marketing Manager