Bsi F Audit 8

BSiF Registered Safety Supplier Audit...

A proud moment for Tornado Gloves...

Bsi F Audit 3

Tornado has been a member of the BSiF Registered Safety Supplier Scheme for a while. Membership is reliant on undergoing a strict audit to ensure compliance with the requirements of the scheme.

This includes an examination of QA and product recall policy, EU certification and liability insurance checks plus the review of numerous other areas which are subject to the terms of the scheme and its annual audit.

Passed with flying colours...

We were delighted to know that everything was in good order and we passed with flying colours.

It’s always a little daunting to think of being audited but we welcome it as an opportunity to prove our credentials as a first-class PPE manufacturer.

Our Marketing Manager, Coralie Mortimer, accepted the certificate on our behalf; here she is photographed with Paul Manning, BSiF Membership Manager.

In the information section of our website you can find out more about what it means to be a BSiF Registered Safety Supplier and there's even more detail on the BSiF website.

“Being BSiF accredited assures customer confidence in our product”
Coralie Mortimer, Tornado Marketing Manager