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Totally radical dude!

Olba - the ultimate general-purpose glove...

Adventure of a lifetime...

An intrepid member of our sales team is currently having the adventure of a lifetime in Australia. He’s swapped dismal Nottinghamshire for the bright sunshine and blue skies of the Gold Coast.

Olba Work Glove Notts Aus

Only the bear minimum…

It’s a back-packing trip so he’s travelling light, only taking the bear minimum of life’s essentials. A few t-shirts, Bermuda shorts and a toothbrush, that’s all you really need. However, he did manage to find some space for a pair of Olba gloves. That’s because he appreciates the importance of always using the correct hand protection and Olba is the ULTIMATE GENERAL-PURPOSE GLOVE!

Totally radical dude…

As we suspected all along, it turns out that Olba is brilliant for surfing. The light-weight construction and bi-polymer coating are great when you need to use your hands to paddle over foaming waves. Then it gives you just the right amount of grip to control of your board ready for take-off!
It’s like it was made for surfers – totally radical dude!

Olba Work Glove Surfing


Check this out - Olba soaking up the rays down-under - Awesome!!!

Olba Work Glove Beach 1
“Why not try Olba for yourself”

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