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Finalist for the 2019 Tomorrow's Health & Safety Award

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Independently selected…

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Aura has been independently selected as a finalist for the 2019 Tomorrow’s Health & Safety Award. It’s a great honour to have a glove from our range recognised in this way and Aura would definitely be a worthy winner!

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Prestigious accolade…

There are 50 finalists all hoping to claim this prestigious accolade. They’ve been carefully selected from the thousands of safety products available in today’s market. There are so many different and diverse innovations, all painstakingly designed to improve safety; selecting just 50 is a challenge in itself!

It's up to you...

With the 50 finalists now named, it's time for the nation’s workforce, Health & Safety Professionals and end-users from all industrial sectors to decide which one should claim the prize. All you need to do is vote...

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Why should Aura win...

Aura is probably the most technically advanced glove available today! Here are the features and benefits that elevate it above its rivals:

  • Highest possible cut & abrasion resistance
  • Leather palm for maximum protection
  • Superior wet & dry grip
  • Sharp Shield ballistic thumb / forefinger reinforcement
  • CPU Technology protects skin from irritants
  • HDPu Coating extends product life to reduce costs
  • Approved for handling soft-coat and toughened glass
  • Excellent comfort & dexterity
  • Extra-long protective cuff

Ballistic reinforcement...

Sharp Shield reinforcement uses ballistic fibres exactly the same as a bullet-proof vest. This level of protection placed in the vulnerable area between thumb and forefinger obviously provides a significant safety advantage to the wearer. The reinforcement is an integral part of glove’s construction and it cannot become detached.

Tornado developed Sharp Shield to improve safety and also increase the life of the glove. Aura can last up to 18% longer than a rival glove resulting in major PPE cost savings.

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Complex & challenging hazards...

We've invested time, resource and expertise into developing Aura to overcome the complex and challenging hazards faced throughout industry.

Resistance to cut and abrasion is critical when handling materials such as metal, glass, masonry, plastic, and many others with sharp edges and/or rough surfaces.

We recognised that a standard coated glove was often not sufficient to cope with these types of hazard. We also identified the need for a tougher glove that could still offer excellent dexterity and grip.

Aura is an industry first...

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Aura is an industry first - combining the dipped glove technologies of the Tornado Technical Range with a split leather palm and finger reinforcement. The glove has endless safe handling properties where the capability of a standard coated glove is hugely exceeded.

Designed for any industry where individuals are handling sharp or abrasive materials or objects, especially where there is a need for accuracy, dexterity and precision. It’s ideal for (but not limited to) Automotive Manufacturing and Aftermarket, Engineering, Metal Presswork, Waste & Recycling, Construction and Glass manufacturing / installation.

Performance exceeds any other...

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Industrial Safety Gloves are ranked using the European Standard EN388:2016, which grades a glove for abrasion, cut, tear and puncture resistance.

Aura achieves EN388:2016 4X44F which is the highest score possible and confirms that it’s performance will exceed that of any other coated glove.

Premium grade leather...

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In addition to its coating, Aura is reinforced with leather on the palm and the span between thumb and fingers. Leather is an extremely tough material, not only super-resistant to cut and abrasion, but also offering excellent flexibility, grip and dexterity when performing precision tasks.

We use a selected grade of split leather, scientifically treated to enhance its natural strength and grip. The end result is a material that provides both wet and dry grip of a hugely superior standard, even in oily conditions.

The leather acts like a second skin protecting the soft part of the hand that is frequently in contact with sharp edges while still needing to be flexible.

Tornado Technologies...

Beneath the reinforcing leather, the Aura glove coating is treated with the following individual Technologies. This increases the suitability of the glove for multiple and varied uses; enhancing its appeal to a wide range of industry sectors.

Clean Polyurethane is our hi-tech, water-based dipping system which eliminates all residual chemicals and solvents from the glove coating to prevent skin irritation.

High Density Polyurethane Technology is a unique formulation of greater viscosity which naturally forms a stronger glove coating, subsequently extending the product life whilst retaining softness, comfort and flexibility. It increases durability to extended product life hence reducing costs.

Anti-bacterial technology uses an anti-bacterial agent transmitted onto the hand during use to ensure hand health and cleanliness.

Glass Industry Approved. Due to the formulation of the dip and the treatment of the leather, Aura will not transmit any contamination when handling soft-coat or toughened glass. It has been officially approved by the Glass Industry.

Sharp Shield, as mentioned above, is a ballistic reinforcement system unique to Tornado. Positioned in the critical wear area between thumb and forefinger, it improves safety and increases the life of the glove by up to 18%, resulting in major PPE cost savings. The reinforcement is an integral part of glove’s construction and it cannot become detached. The ballistic fibres are the same as those used in bullet-proof clothing.

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Why use the Aura Glove?

Any business interested in increasing the productivity of their workforce should use Aura as it allows the end user to work more quickly, accurately and with increased confidence; for smoother and faster production, along with a happier team.

Also, it’s superior quality and its robust construction ensure both durability and appeal as an excellent value for money product.

Aura truly is a worthy winner of the 2019 Tomorrow's Health & Safety Award, your vote would be greatly appreciated.

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