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Electra-Teq - Glove of the Month for May...

Seamless glove with arc-flash protection and reinforced leather palm

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Arc-Flash protection with a difference…

We officially launched the Electra-Teq glove at the Health & Safety Event in April so it’s very new to our range. It offers Arc-Flash protection with a difference – the protection is on the back of the hand!

The application of silicon to the back of the hand rather than the palm is perfect when you're working with power tools.

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Use power tools with confidence...

Months of development throughout 2018 has resulted in this revolutionary design that offers protection where it’s most needed when operating a jack hammer or a pneumatic drill.

It was designed in conjunction with the utilities industry where arc-flash is a common hazard. Many workers in this area are now wearing the glove and enjoying a much greater level of confidence when using power tools.

Ballistic reinforcement!

Electra-Teq comes complete with Sharp Shield ballistic reinforcement between thumb and forefinger. This gives added protection in a very vulnerable and sensitive area. It also helps aid strong grip when using a power tool.

Tornado Technologies...

The glove is packed full of Tornado Technologies including Anti-Bacterial Conditioner for hand hygiene, Clean PU for comfort and HDPu for durability.

The premium grade split leather is specially treated to enhance grip in both wet and dry conditions.

There's lots more to know about our technologies and other specialist treatments and processes. You can find out more in our information pages.

If you would like to find out more about Electra-Teq you can view the Product Profile.