Electroflex Work Glove 2

Electroflex - Glove of the Month for March...

Comfortable, dexterous glove with great cut and abrasion resistance

Can you believe it’s March already!

We’ve chosen Electroflex as our ‘Glove of the Month’ because it’s a good all-round favourite across so many different industries. Assembly workers and engineers love it because its great for precision handling. It’s also a firm favourite for automotive and aerospace manufacturing because of its powerful grip and substantial cut and abrasion resistance.

Electroflex Work Glove 3

Help keep your hands in good shape…

Electroflex has CPU, HDPu and Anti-bacterial technologies which are applied as part of the manufacturing process. They’re designed to improve performance and help keep your hands in good shape by preventing skin irritation and providing good hygiene. You can find out more about these and all the other Tornado Technologies on the information pages of our website.

Work freely and with confidence…

The strength, flexibility and comfort of this glove enable you to work freely and with confidence. High levels of cut and abrasion resistance won’t compromise dexterity and the coating gives this glove a superior level of durability. The adjacent image shows the supple palm coating in close detail so you can see how soft it is.

Want to feel it for yourself?

Quest Van Cut Out

If you’re interested in finding out more about Electroflex, or any of our gloves, why not book a Quest Hand Safety Evaluation. Our technicians visit in the Mobile Hand Protection Lab and carry out an audit of your environment and current hand protection product. We offer a free trial of our gloves and work with you to provide significant improvements within your budget. We also advise on government safety legislation so you can be sure that you’re compliant. It’s a great service to give you peace of mind and value for money all at the same time!

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