Photo Shoot 4

Through the lens of the camera...

High quality photography brings our gloves to life!

Lights, camera, action...

Photo Shoot 5

We're just back from a photo shoot at an amazing location in the wilds of Lincolnshire.

Our philosophy dictates that we invest in quality professional photography to bring our gloves to life!

Lifestyle images are very important to us alongside the the essential pack-shots. The latest additions to our range all enjoyed the full Tornado photo shoot treatment on location and in the studio. Some of our existing range has also been refreshed to keep it vibrant and up-to-date.

Our creative agency has introduced us to an experienced professional photographer who works across wide and varied subject matters. His expertise are invaluable and he has an eye for the perfect shot!

Photo Shoot 6

We always like to capture real people doing real jobs. It helps us to represent our gloves honestly and it enables our customers to make more effective buying decisions.

We often use locations where Tornado Gloves are already in use so we can just turn up and start photographing. The camera simply observes while all the real work happens!

The shots are currently being prepared for the web and will be live on our site very soon...

“Watch this space for our fresh new images...”
Coralie Mortimer, Tornado Marketing Manager