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Intrepid Elite Sleeve - Product of the Month for August...

Built like Arnold Scwarzenegger?

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This month we've chosen the Intrepid Elite Sleeve as our featured product of the month. We've never focused on arm protection before but it's too important to be ignored for any longer!

Intrepid Elite comes in one flexible size that fits everyone. Its knitted construction means it can be worn comfortably over other clothing and the elasticity of the cuff fits snugly over the wrist and hand. The integral thumb slot holds it firmly in place and gives added assurance that it won't slip either up or down the arm.

It's secured in place above the elbow with an adjustable Velcro strap that will accommodate even the most ample of biceps. Equally, if you're not built like Arnold Schwarzenegger, pull the strap a little tighter and you're good to go...

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Confidence to get the job done!

The high level of both cut and abrasion resistance on this sleeve will give you the confidence to get the job done. Teamed with one of our maximum protection gloves, you really are prepared for even the most challenging industrial environments.

In many industries it's essential to extend protection up the arm but flexibility can be an issue. The range of movement needed and the presence of other clothing are both obstacles that have to be overcome. Because Intrepid Elite is knitted using a technically blended yarn, it gives you a great deal of stretch yet still provides a resistant barrier against hazards.

If you 'd like to find out more about the Intrepid Elite Sleeve have a look at the Product Profile page on our website.