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Intrepid Sleeve - Product of the Month for May...

Simple and effective arm protection!

Simple yet effective...

Arm Protection 2

With the Intrepid Sleeve, what you see, is what you get. It really is a case of 'simple yet effective'! It’s a knitted sleeve designed to wear over an overall, jumper or shirt; it protects the arm right up to the shoulder. It’s intentionally loose fitting so whatever you choose to wear underneath can be easily covered without restricting movement or causing discomfort.

More to it than meets the eye...

Arm Protection 1

Although the appearance of this sleeve is very basic, the components and the construction are more complex. It’s produced using a 10-gauge needle which equates to a relatively compact and robust knitted fabric, as you can see here in this close-up image.

The yarn is an Aramid / Polyamide blend; a winning combination for strength and durability. It’s also a light-weight composition which aids comfort and flexibility - a delicate balance between weight and resilience.

Our Technicians work on various formulas before eventually hitting on the right combination of factors - so there really is much more to it than meets the eye!

Arm Protection 3

The thumb is the anchor...

Arm Protection 5

The Intrepid Sleeve does rather resemble the disembodied arm of a comfy jumper but there is one vital difference – it has a thumb slot!

As an integral part of the knitted construction there is a fully-fashioned opening to accommodate the thumb. The thumb then forms an anchor to keep the sleeve in place and prevent it from riding up the arm.

There is also an elasticated band at the top of the sleeve to stop it sliding down. Between these two securing mechanisms, the sleeve is held in the correct, comfortable position.

Essential item of PPE...

Arm Protection 4

These sleeves are an essential item of PPE for tasks where both arm and hand are used to carry, handle and manipulate large, abrasive objects. A typical example would be sheet metal but it doesn’t take much imagination to apply the same principals to glass, timber and numerous other materials.

You can find out more about the Intrepid Sleeve and it's protective properties when you read it's Product Profile.

“Don't forget your arm protection - it helps you work safe and fast!”