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Zestos - Glove of the Month for January...

Keep working hands warm this winter!

It's so cold you can see your breath...

Tornado Breath

It's mid January and the winter is starting to really bite! Everything is frozen as temperatures dip below zero degrees.

If you’re working in the cold you need to wear gloves. Zestos is probably the best glove you can choose and here’s just one of the reasons why...

Super-soft micro-fleece feels amazing!

The exterior provides a barrier against the elements and the interior gives you that warm, cosy feeling...

Zestos Fleece 1

It’s made from a super-soft, micro-fleece material that feels amazing against your skin. When you put Zestos on for the first time, your instant reaction is to say ‘ahh...’ because it feels soooo comfortable!

Working outside in the winter can be miserable if your hands are cold, you can’t really concentrate on the job. Zestos insulates your hands to help retain your natural body heat. When your hands are warm you use your full range of dexterity so you can work quickly, efficiently and without that uncomfortable frozen feeling.

Zestos Thermal Glove 8

Zestos offers serious cut resistance with an EN388 score of 2X42C – it really is the full package - warmth, grip, dexterity and protection – it’s the ideal winter glove!

This is the third in a series of articles about how you can look after your hands in the winter and why Zestos is the best glove for the job. You can read the other articles here...

Warm hands, healthy skin

Why do hands always get cold first?

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