Oil 1

Oil-Teq 1 - Glove of the Month for August...

Light-weight, comfortable & highly dexterous

Precision handling in oily conditions...

Oil Teq September 2

Oil-Teq 1 is designed for delicate handling tasks in areas where oil and liquid are present. Car garages and engineering workshops use this glove regularly. The double layer bi-polymer coating prevents unhelpful greasy penetration and provides reliable grip.

It has a supple two-layer bi-polymer coating. The delicate formulation makes the glove extremely flexible with exceptional levels of dexterity and comfort. Wet grip is also maximised with no detriment to the gloves’ oil and water repellent qualities.

The flexibility of the coating is matched by the elasticity in the yarn. We’ve developed a yarn that will expand and contract to a great extent to allow the knitted fabric of the glove to become incredibly elastic. This elasticity is intensified in the cuff where construction allows for even more stretch. All of these elements combined result in a comfortable, oil resistant glove with great hand agility, that feels good to wear.

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