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Oil-Teq 5G - Glove of the Month for November...

Oil and liquid protection for hand and wrist.

Throw down the gauntlet...

Oil Teq 5 G Oil Resistant Gauntlet

Last year a customer of ours threw down the gauntlet – they asked us for an oil-resistant glove for extreme conditions. Oil and other liquids, in very high volumes, were being stored in containers with huge risk of splash-over. They already used our Oil-Teq 5 glove but added protection was required to extend up the arm...

We like a challenge...

We quickly designed the purple-peril that we call Oil-Teq 5G (the ‘G’ stands for ‘Gauntlet’)

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It’s designed for industries where washing or dipping is part of the manufacturing process and operatives need protection beyond just the hand. With a very high level of cut resistance, it also gives extra confidence when handling sharp or jagged edges.

This robust, cut resistant gauntlet is now a part of our Oil-Teq family providing reliable protection that extends right over the wrist. With Tornado’s renowned bi-polymer coating it’s ideal for environments where large volumes of liquid are present and hands may become completely immersed.

As part of our product development process, we also addressed the need for secure grip, dexterity and comfort; Oil-Teq 5G performs extremely well for all of these. It’s a great item of PPE across many industry sectors.

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