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Oil-Teq - Glove of the Month for September...

The best glove for oily conditoins

Big news...

Every month we select a glove from our range, we highlight its particular strengths and talk about its many different applications. For September we have big news about Oil-Teq!

We’ve been working on a series of improvements that really take this glove to the next level for overall performance. We’ve looked closely at the coating, the yarn and the construction.

Improved formula...

After several months of experimentation, it’s been possible to improve the formula and create a softer, more supple, two-layer coating. This new formulation makes the glove far more flexible which vastly increases dexterity and comfort. Wet grip is also considerably maximised with no detriment to the gloves’ oil and water repellent qualities.

New elasticity...

Increased flexibility in the coating is matched by increased elasticity in the yarn. Investments have been made to develop a strand that will expand and contract to a greater extent to allow the knitted fabric of the glove to become far more elastic. This new elasticity is intensified in the cuff where new construction allows even more stretch. The result is a huge improvement in the comfort of the glove, hand agility, the fit and the way the glove feels when you’re wearing it.

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The best just got better!

If you liked Oil-Teq before, you'll love it now! Plus it's still available at two different levels of protection:

Oil-Teq 1 – a dexterous, oil repellent glove with maximum abrasion resistance for use in medium risk environments.

Oil-Teq 5 – an oil repellent glove with superior cut and abrasion resistance for use in high risk environments.

Now enjoy these improvements in both gloves:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved grip in wet conditions
  • Softer coating
  • Enhanced dexterity
  • Better fit
  • More overall comfort

If you work in a busy garage, an engineering workshop or an oily manufacturing plant, in fact, anywhere where you're in contact with oil, the new Oil-Teq glove is perfect for you!

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“Oil-Teq – the best work glove for wet or oily conditions…”