Olba August 2

Olba - Glove of the Month for August...

The ultimate general purpose glove

Each month we like to highlight the special properties of a glove from our range. For August 2018 it’s Olba.

Olba is the ultimate general-purpose glove, used by a countless different people performing countless different tasks. It’s light-weight nylon construction allows the user to perform intricate tasks with ease. It provides protection and acts like a second skin. It also allows the skin to breathe so you can work in comfort when temperatures are high.

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Featuring on Fix Radio...

Olba is the famous ‘Red Glove’ currently featured on Fix Radio – listen out for the builder boys with the trademark whistle. They wear Olba and they think it’s great!

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Listen to fix radio live online www.fixradio.co.uk

If you would like to find out more about Olba you can take a look at the glove profile online or you can call our team of technicians for more information.

“Olba, the ultimate general purpose glove...”