Twisting the valve wearing Optic Viz 1 protection glove

Optic-Viz 1 - Glove of the Month for November

High-visibility glove with excellent grip and abrasion protection...

Now is the time for High Visibility Gloves...

It’s officially winter! The clocks have changed, it’s dark by 5pm and we’re rapidly losing daylight as we count down to the shortest day!

Don't let darkness slow you down!

If you, or your team, are working on an outdoor project you really can’t let the lack of daylight slow things down. The same amount of work must to be done regardless of the working conditions so you need to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to work smart!

Work Gloves Roadworks

You have your hi-viz jacket and often trousers too but did you know that hand protection can also be hi-viz?

The Tornado Optic-Viz 1 glove uses high-visibility yarn with superior abrasion resistance teamed with a flexible bi-polymer coating to provide a great general-purpose glove. The appeal is obvious for night-time operations.

Construction, utilities, maintenance, agriculture and recycling sectors are the super-users for this glove; however, anyone who needs to work in light-limited conditions or outside at night will enjoy its benefits.

Be seen, be safe...


'Be seen, be safe’ is the primary inspiration for Optic-Viz 1 but in addition to it's powerful neon yellow appearance it also assures great hand protection.

It provides a very high level of abrasion resistance, in fact it achieves the top score in the rigorous EN388:2016 test which means it can withstand 8,000 abrasion cycles.

You can also enjoy exceptional grip, great comfort and amazing dexterity. You'll find it very easy to work in restricted areas or handle small components because the seamless construction and fine yarn allow your fingers to move freely without restriction.

The technically blended bi-polymer coating to the palm and fingers will help you grip tightly and with confidence.

In summary, you won't find a better solution for high-visibility hand protection!

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