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Quantum CTO- Glove of the Month for October...

The orange glove with cushion-soft comfort!

Not just for Halloween...

Halloween Work Gloves 3

We’ve chosen Quantum CTO as ‘Glove of the Month’ for October because of its beautiful autumn colour that fits so well with Halloween celebrations at this time of year.

However, there is absolutely no seasonality to the glove, it’s great all year round especially in industries like assembly work, electronics, engineering and recycling.

Any industry that requires dexterity, grip and a moderate level of cut and abrasion resistance will love Quantum CTO!

‘O’ is for Orange!

Rail Workers 2

The peachy colour is extremely distinctive and the ‘O’ in the name does actually stand for ‘Orange’. It’s part of our Quantum range of medium protection gloves and has been given this colour so it can be used in industries where orange PPE is mandatory.

Its not limited to these industries though - it's popular across all sorts of different industry sectors.

Cushion-Soft Comfort...

Cushion Technology

Tornado’s unique Cushion Technology gently hugs your hand making this glove super-comfortable yet still giving you the level of protection you need. You can find out more about all the different technologies we use here.

We use a slightly finer yarn than the other gloves in the Quantum range. This finer yarn has a greater elasticity for more stretch and a closer fit on the hand so it’s ideal for precision work where a level of cut protection is necessary.

The light-weight yarn and seamless construction allows you to move freely adding to the feeling of comfort you enjoy when wearing this glove.

Find our more about Quantum, Quantum CT & Quantum CTO in their individual Product Profiles.

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