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Quantum - Glove of the Month for April...

The world of science...

Quantum Work Glove 3

In the world of science, Physics to be precise; the term “Quantum” is used to describe the interaction between matter and energy. Broadly speaking, it defines the minimal amount of energy required in an interaction. It’s also a very good name for this ever-popular work glove.

Full range of dexterity...

Quantum includes a degree of Lycra in its construction which helps minimise your effort when performing precision tasks. The light-weight, technically blended yarn is very soft and supple and allows you to use your full range of dexterity.

Strength to protect!

Although it’s a light-weight glove, Quantum still has the strength to protect! It provides good cut and abrasion resistance and can be relied upon in low to medium risk environments. It’s great for use on the assembly line or in electronics, or engineering. It’s also used in aerospace and even the glass industry where the performance of hand protection is critical.

Specialist Technologies...

Anti Bacterial

Quantum has two of Tornado’s specialist technologies - Clean Polyurethane Technology (known as CPU) which is used to reduce skin irritants and Anti-bacterial technology for hand hygiene. If you'd like to know more about these and all our other technologies there's lots more information in this web article.

A polyurethane palm coating provides the final layer of protection adding both powerful grip and additional abrasion resistance.

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