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Vitra - Glove of the Month for June...

A grey glove with a technological advantage!

Much more to offer...

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Vitra is a grey knitted glove with a PU coating, there’s really not much to see. You might think it’s a lot like all the other grey gloves you can get almost anywhere these days.

However, when you learn a bit more, you start to understand how much more Vitra has to offer!

Five different technologies...

Throughout manufacturing, five different technological processes are applied that give Vitra a huge advantage over similar looking gloves. They add strength, resilience, function, flexibility and comfort making it superior to its rivals and securing it as the glove of choice for many different industries.

Technology No. 1 - Sharp Shield


Sharp Shield is a ballistic reinforcement system unique to Tornado. It’s positioned in the critical wear area between thumb and forefinger. It’s an integral part of the glove’s construction which cannot become detached during use.

The fibres are the same as those used in bullet proof clothing. They form a toughened ridge which is then smoothed over and further reinforced by the glove’s Polyurethane coating. This improves safety and increases the life of the glove by up to 18%, resulting in major PPE cost savings.

Technology No. 2 - HDPu


HDPu stands for 'High-Density Polyurethane'. It's a Tornado exclusive dip formulation which forms an extra-strong glove coating. The extra strength comes from the extreme viscosity of the dip and the density provides better protection with a reliable and secure grip.

The increased density, subsequently extends the product life whilst retaining softness, comfort and flexibility. As the glove can be used for a longer period of time, order frequency is reduced hence, once again, showing a PPE cost saving.

Technology No. 3 – Anti-Bacteria


This technology means that Vitra actually transmits an anti-bacterial agent onto the hand while the glove is being worn. Its coating is impregnated with a skin-friendly conditioner that kills germs and will last for the entire life-cycle of the glove.

It ensures greater hand health, general cleanliness and results in a reduction in the build-up of bacteria that can sometimes cause a slight odour.

Technology No. 4 - CPU


Chemical residues that are an unavoidable result of the PU manufacturing process can remain present in gloves and must be eliminated to the maximum possible extent. Clean Polyurethane Technology involves a hi-tech, water-based dipping system that reduces these residual chemicals and solvents to deliver a super-comfortable glove.

Technology No. 5 – Glass Industry Approved


Tornado’s close relationship with the Glass Industry has enabled us to produce gloves that offer genuine benefits to manufacturers, glazing specialists and fitters. We looked at our components and manufacturing processes to identify how certain modifications could improve handling and reduce contamination. These technical modifications used in conjunction with each other give Vitra the Glass Industry Seal of Approval.

This means it’s approved for handling soft-coat and toughened glass and guarantees that zero contamination will affect the glass at a later stage.

Never judge a book by its cover...

Vitra is one of our most popular gloves, it scores extremely high for cut and abrasion resistance and is ideal for overcoming serious hazards in high-risk working environments. Plus, with all this technology packed into one simple looking grey glove, this is a classic example of why you should never ‘judge a book by its cover’!

You can find out more about Vitra if you read it's Product Profile.