Wristex Protective Cuff

Wristex Cuff - Product of the Month for July...

Sometimes a glove just isn't enough!

Wrists need protection too...

If you’re handling large objects and carrying them from place to place its likely you’ll be using your arms as well as your hands. This applies specially to your forearm which may come into contact with sharp or jagged objects.

Zantium Glass Glove 1

In industries such as glass making or construction it is vital that arms are protected. The large flat pieces of glass have sharp edged and may make contact with skin. This is also the case when dealing with metal, timber and masonry.

Arm protection will give you to confidence to work faster and more effectively.

Maximum Level 'F' Cut Protection

Wristex Cuffs have been tested to the new EN388:2016 standards for cut protection now using the TDM test in addition to the Coup Test. The cuff can claim the highest score in both the new and existing tests scoring an impressive 2544F.

Available in both buckle and Velcro fastenings, Wristex is the perfect lower arm protection.

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