Zestos Work Glove February 2

Zestos - Glove of the Month for February...

Superior cut and abrasion resistance with protection from the cold!

Typical British Winter...

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We’re in the middle of a typical British winter - it’s bitterly cold, it’s raining and a lot of the time it’s windy too. The threat of even worse weather to come is ever-present but nothing can halt all the work that needs to be done outdoors, especially at this time of year.

Hands are always vulnerable...

These aggressive weather conditions are the absolute worst for your hands as they can quickly become chapped and sore. No matter how hardy you are, your hands are always vulnerable if they’re not protected.

Zestos Work Glove 10

So warm and cosy...

The Zestos glove provides thermal insulation that you can feel as soon as you slip it onto your hand – it’s so warm and ‘cosy’!

Comfortable against the skin...

The interior of the glove is made from a super-soft, slightly fleecy material that feels extremely comfortable against the skin. The exterior is similar to Neoprene with a fine textured effect that provides strong grip and dexterity.

High cut resistance...


In addition to the thermal properties and the superior level of grip, Zestos also ranks incredibly high for cut resistance in the EN388:2016 test. It offers the full package, warmth, grip, dexterity and protection. It’s the ideal winter work glove!

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Glove testing has changed, click here to find out more about the new EN388(2016) test procedure.
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