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Keep working hands warm this winter!

Why do hands always get cold first?

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If you’re working outside in cold weather you really need to wear gloves and here’s why...

When it’s very cold, your body’s natural, sub-conscious response is to protect vital organs like your brain, heart and lungs. It will ensure that warm, oxygenated blood is supplied to your core to keep them working properly.

Under your skin you have a system called ‘microcirculation’, it’s a network of tiny vessels carrying blood to the ends of your fingers and toes. When the body redirects blood to your core, these vessels go into spasm. Blood flowing to your extremities is reduced and that’s why your hands get cold before any other part of your body.

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It's totally miserable working with cold hands...

Wrapping up warm is the only way to avoid that uncomfortable, frozen feeling. Keeping your extremities warm helps maintain a healthy overall body temperature so you can keep working even when it’s bitterly cold.

Zestos forms a thermal barrier to insulate your hands and help them retain body heat. It’s also extremely comfortable and dexterous. You can work with ease knowing you’re protected.

Zestos is the full package - warmth, grip, dexterity and protection – it’s the ideal winter glove! You can view it's full Product Profile here.

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Warm hands, healthy skin!

It's so cold you can see your breath...

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